Monday, November 15, 2010

NaNoWriMo - the halfway mark!

For the month, not the story - I approximate I'm about 2/3s of the story.

- Chapter one -> seventeen = complete
- Chapter eighteen = just begun

Word Count: 33,226 /25,000 *
Story = 133% complete
Art = 1%

Thoughts for today:
How can a weka get a splinter out of her tongue?

I managed to write an entire chapter about nothing much. Here's the first paragraphs (she's in a special run in a barn with a bunch of chickens):

Bored. Aroha was bored. Bored. bored. bored. She walked around the pen. She gave herself a dust bath. Still bored. Did anything ever happen in here? It did not seem so. Mites, it was big news when one of the domestic hens laid an egg and that seemed to happen every few minutes. The stupid things just sat around all day and gossiped. And it wasn't even interesting gossip. This hen had laid her forty-fourth egg, that hen hadn't laid for two weeks. She'd be next for the slaughter.


There was an outdoor yard. A small opening lead out into the area. It was 30 steps long and 14 steps wide. Aroha knew this. She'd stepped it out. If she took little steps it was 50 by around 22. If big steps, she could cut it down to 26 and 10. There was grass. If felt nice beneath her feet.

So bored.

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