Wednesday, November 3, 2010

NaNoWriMo day Three

- Chapter one -> five = complete
- Chapter six = in progress

Word Count: 8528/25,000
Story = 34% complete
Art = 0%

Things to ponder today:
~ what terrible/funny/gruesome things can I do to the magpie villains?
~ google satelite may be awesome, but I really need to take a roadtrip
~ how far can a weka (a bird about the size of a chicken) walk in a day?

Extract for today:

Tirrr-eet!” A short, high whistle sounded from the bushes before her, and out darted a small bird, its feathers were speckled with brown and grey. It ran for a short distance, tail flicking upwards. Then with a flap of its wings, it sprang into the air. Bouncing a few wingbeats in the air, it twisted about and landed on the ground before her.

Hi-ho,” it whistled. “Where-be-you-go?”

Home,” Aroha replied. “It's a long way to walk.”

Well,” said the bird. “My-name-is-Pi-ho. I-will-walk-with-you, no? For-a-lit-tle-while, oh?” With each syllable, its body bobbed or ducked. As the end of each short refrain, the tail flicked upright. For the first time in days, Aroha laughed.

What a silly wee bird you are,” she remarked. “What are you?”

(For the answer to that question, see my next "NZ Naturally" post)

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