Thursday, November 4, 2010

NaNoWriMo, day Four

Is anyone actually reading these?

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- Chapter one -> seven= complete
- Chapter eight = not yet begun

Word Count: 12162/25,000
Story = 48% complete
Art = 0%

Thoughts for today:

* Aroha was too passive a character, so plot has been editted to give her a more active, feisty roll.

* How to describe the taste of things - a banana, a spider? (in some cases without previous experience)

* I learned the technique to hold a bird when putting a band on its leg.

Extract for today

Well, I guess that's enough photograhs for now,” the human said after a while. “You're quite a little show-off aren't you.” She smiled, “I must say, I feel very lucky to meet you. I guess your parents come over from the Coast. It's a long way to walk.”

Is that where you're going?” She asked the human. “Can I come too?”

I wonder where they are,” she mused, completely ignoring Aroha's questions. The weka sighed. Humans loved to talk so much they'd forgotten how to listen.

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Sandra said...

I read all of your posts! They are all very wonderful. :)