Friday, May 15, 2015

Whale of a Time

These pieces are for a commission as part of a (hopefully very lucrative and exciting) project I am embarking upon. And no, it's not the TCG! (Although you might see these guys in it.)

Sperm Whale
Humpback Whale

Blue Whale
Southern Right Whale

Original Pokemon and Evolutions

It has been a while, hasn't it? I'm afeared that my Animal-a-day Zootrophy project has pretty much gobbled up my time faster than a hungry goat in a donut shop. However, the game is now available for sale and I'm still working through the alphabet - up to P, at last count. I have also just finished hosting another Design-a-Pokemon swap over on ATCs for all, and thought I would share my not-very-pokemon-ish looking creations.

Duyano - this tiny Pokemon can evolve into a multitude of different forms (some below), depending on habitat and other external stimuli.

Pixum - a delicate fairy Pokemon, Pixum evolves during the daylight, after experiencing, or requiring, great compassion. The jewel on his chest glows, and he uses it to lead lost children (or Pokemon) to safety.

Sandicute - evolving in the arid deserts, Sandicute spends his days in subterranean tunnels, using his sensitive face-tentacles to navigate and forage for food.

Devile - evolves at night in response to negative stimuli - such as a threat of violence. Devile raises his spines when irked. These are tipped with a paralysing poison.

Numbolt - evolving in the open woodland and savannah, Numbolt uses static electicity to hunt for prey.