Friday, May 13, 2016

Character Description: Abigail Galbraith

Abigail Galbraith is the main protagonist in "Scavengers of the Deadlands"

Name: Abigail Delilah Galbraith
Sex: female
Species: lemur-wolf
Eyes: teal (green-blue)
Hair/Headfur: chestnut
Height: 5'10"

Age: 15

Father: Daniel Galbraith (wolf)(teknomage)
Mother: Kataryna  Lemusu (lemur)(scientist. deceased, kind of)
Siblings: none
Other Relatives: She has five aunts on the wolf side of the family. No relatives on the other. Her mother's parents refuse to acknowledge her existence and her father's parents all but disowned him when he chose to mate with her mother.

Birthplace: Eriwyn (the capital city)
Marital Status: Betrothed to her childhood friend, Nathanial
Occupation: Apprentice mage
Degree of skill at occupation: student, fairly dedicated
Feeling about occupation: excited.

And follows more details about her appearance to assist with those who might wish to draw her.
Her muzzle is longer than a lemur's but narrower then a wolf's, almost reminiscent of the way Blacquetigress draws lemurs. The dark eye patches and black muzzle merge together into a dark facial mask, and she has a white ruff (not shown in reference image). Her eyes are blue-green (teal) and lupine rather then lemur and her ears are more triangular then a lemur's, but tufted and white furred. Her fur is a sort of creamy-brown. If you looked at the individual fur strands they probably be barred in cream, brown and grey depending on location. Her belly and chin are creamy white. She has shoulder-length brown hair with red highlights. sometimes she braids the front of it, as her mother (Kat) did.

Her forearms are dark furred, as are her feet. Her tail is shorter, more of a wolven brush, but striped in black and white. Her feet are somewhat odd too, being a cross between wolf and lemur - she walks plantigrade but her toes are stubbier and she has claws, not nails.

Wardrobe and Accessories:
In clothing you can depict her wearing whatever you so desire, but my Furrs have a tendency to wear quasi-medieval clothing with lacing across the chest region.
About her neck she wears a half-heart (with the initials N.C. on them, but you don't need to show those).
She wears purple tinted sunglasses most of the time. Nobody knows why, not even me - yet.

Normally a friendly, happy person Abi has been known to have a short temper and sometimes jump to rather inappropriate conclusions. Because as a hybrid she has faced a lot of mockery etc, she can be a bit on the reserved side and can be slow to trust.

Anything else we should know/Relevant information:
Abi is training to be a Furritasian mage, hence the short black rod she is holding. It acts like a magic wand, more or less, measures about 10-12 inches long and is covered in small runes. How you draw these runes is your own choice - they're there to keep the magic in the rod under control.

Abigail attends Tirra-Inle, a fairly randomly and erratically designed castle that is set in the "Deadlands" a barren wasteland where nothing grows but the black coral-fungus (and source of magick). Although barren, it is not hot and dry, and indeed much of the story takes place in winter, with snow dusting the fungus.

Friends and rivals:

Connie is one of Abigail's best friends at Tirra-Inle. She herself is quite an unusual species, and the two quickly become firm friends, allied against the vicious-tongued Araminta (see below).

Niamh is a gentle and shy lass who loves to bury her nose in a book. She is a Chincilla, and very pretty - in a delicate sort of way. Her hair is waist-length, black and usually braided and she has large, dark eyes. Her fur is an overall lilac-grey, and she always wears a black choker about her throat, set with a small silver charm. She is 5'5"
She was originally assigned the same dormitory as Connie, and the relationship grey from there.

Willow is a kitten-like, non anthro, tabby cat with pale grey fur patterned with darker stripes and spots. He is an Aenimal - an animal with "human" intelligence and his head is larger in proportion to his body then a normal cat, meaning although he is an adult, he still looks like a big kitten, and always will! He befriended Niamh first, but Abigail and he became friends quite quickly.

Araminta is a golden-crowned Sifaka, a classic Bitch and Abigail's rather reluctant and unlikely companion through some of her adventures. The two manage an unsteady allegiance, but never become friends. She enjoys arguing with Connie.

Kameron is a Scavenger whom first kidnaps Abigail and later saves her life. They start off with a poignant dislike for one another, but eventually become very close.

Nathaniel is Abigail's "childhood" boyfriend and her bretrothed. He is mostly a standard Ring-tailed Lemur, and slightly shorter than her (around 5'8") with chocolate-brown and black fur instead of the typical chestnut and grey of a standard Ring-tailed Lemur and his ears are slightly more rounded. He is actually the offspring of Aranaya and my albino Ringtail Lemur, Kieryn (was Arron), although he tends mostly after his father in appearance and his mother in colouration.

Abigail meets a vast amount of other characters throughout the process of the story, these are but a small selection of the main ones. I know, I know - I have far too many characters!