Friday, November 12, 2010

NaNo day 12

Sorry folks - day 11 was not particularly progressive. The lure of the internet proved too much and I ended up engaging in "research" - ie: I got distracted.

- Chapter one -> thirteen = complete
- Chapter fourteen = begun

Word Count: 26.739/25,000
Story = 107% complete
Art = 1%

I never meant for Aroha to find a boyfriend. But this weka called Maru has taken a fancy to her. He seems to want her to become his mate, despite the fact that she looked a most frightful mess when first they met. That's what happens when you're swept downriver.

Anyhow, she employed the time honoured tradition of sneaking off while he was asleep and is now back on track, this time with a new friend.

And those pesky magpies still seem to be around!

She better watch out for cage traps too ^^

In terms of area travelled, she has now just left Inchbonnie (or thereabouts) and is heading north towards Brunner.

Tomorrow my husband and I will be taking a journey over most of the route Aroha has taken (not Goat Pass/Deception Valley), we don't have time for a two day walk. Should be interesting!


She (Aroha) ran up to the deer carcass. From the stink of it, it had clearly been laying in the sun too long. “Hamu,” she called.

Hamu (black backed gull) looked down at her. He had an eyeball in his bill. With a toss of his head he flicked it into the air, snapping it as it fell back down. Gulp. It was gone. He tilted his head at her.

Hamu,” she repeated, “you've been to Grey. Can you show me the way?”

Yah,” he screeched, “yah, show way. Long way for no fly. Good legs?”

Aroha stretched out one leg, showing him her strong toes and sharp claws. “I've walked from the pastures of the east,” she said. “My legs are very strong.”

Good, good. Eat up, gorge until belly fill. Long way so no walk on empty belly.” He plucked a chunk of meat from the deer's cheek. “Git back,” he snapped at a silver gull that got too close. “My scavenge, mine! Git away.” His mighty wings snapped the air and it retreating, cursing.

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