Wednesday, November 10, 2010

NaNo day 10

- Chapter one -> eleven = complete
- Chapter twelve = half done

Word Count: 22,826/25,000
Story = 91% complete
Art = 1%

Spent most of my "writing time" today on my home assignment from my course. About an Alien Abduction and thus of no relevance here. Then I got distracted by reading people's Quake stories on this site. Now I need to go to bed.

Anyway, Aroha finally met a kiwi:

(I'm a ) Kiwi,” he replied. “And you're a weka. Nosy but smart, am I right?”

That's us. But we prefer 'curious'.” Aroha examined the kiwi. Several humans had called her a “kiwi”. But she and this strange bird looked almost entirely different. They were almost the same size, but she was long and sleek and dangerous. He was round and fat. She had a short, powerful beak perfect for ripping up wood, digging in the dirt or tearing apart roadkill. His bill was long and stick-like, almost fragile. His legs were strong and sturdy, with thick, sharp claws just like hers. But he only had three toes and she had four. She could not see his wings at all and he had no tail. His feathers were soft and spiky. Her's lay smooth and flat.

Well, that proved it. Humans really were stupid.

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