Saturday, November 6, 2010

NaNoWriMo Day 6

- Chapter one -> eight = complete
- Chapter nine = in progress

Word Count: 15138/25,000
Story = 60% complete
Art = 0%

Today was a bit harder to get motivated. The story took a little while to flow, even though I knew the gist of Aroha's adventures for this chapter. She met up with her "old fiends" again - the White-back gang.

I shall really have to start on these illustrations soon. Aroha is begging to be drawn.


In one corner, on a small table, she found a fancy looking box. It was slightly fluffy on the outside. She pecked at it, and it shook and rattled. What could be inside it? With a tilt of her head, she knocked it to the floor and it split open across one seam. A shiny golden circlet tumbled out. Like her leg ring, but much, much brighter. It would look very pretty with the sun shining on it. She would take it ouside and see. Picking it up carefully in her beak, she darted outside.

Oii!” Came a sudden shout behind her, “the bird's nicked the Ring!”

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