Saturday, November 20, 2010

NaNo, Day 19

Chapter one -> Twenty-two = complete

- Chapter twenty three = barely begun

Word Count: 43,479 /25,000 *
Story = 173% complete
Art = 1%

Barely eeked out 800 words today - and they weren't very good ones. Have come to a bit of a stalemate. Aroha is reaching the end of her journey, and I need one final, exciting, event to tie everything up and give us a thrill before the conclusion. But... I'm a little stuck on what that will be.

I thought I might have Maru caught by a hawk and she have to rescue him, but that seems a little cheesy.

So now I'm thinking humans. In particular, a bunch of bored West Coast teenagers stuck in Stillwater or Dobson for the summer holidays. This leads me to the next question:

What do teenagers talk about nowadays?

Keeping in mind that these are country kids - not 'townies" and they're probably not as interested in the latest celebrities or that sort of thing. There may well be some dope involved, but I don't want to actually mention that in the text, as this is aimed at kids, so it would be inferred. They will be smoking, and possibly hanging around a burned out car or EQ damaged house.

I'm not sure exactly what they're going to do to our heroes - maybe throw stones at them, making set their dog on them. Maybe try to catch them and cook them up for the BBQ.

All suggestions welcome!

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