Monday, November 8, 2010

NaNoWrimo, Day Eight

- Chapter one -> ten = complete
- Chapter Eleven = not yet begun

Word Count: 19,981/25,000
Story = 80% complete
Art = 0%

Starting - slowly - to get back on track. If in doubt, add a conversation. Conversations increase wordcounts a LOT. Because my character is currently crossing the Goat Pass, an area that is real but which I have never visited (and won't be until next year at the earliest), I am suffering a little from lack-of-knowledge but wanting to get it right. Thus I keep meandering off to look up this or that on the interweb. Google is great, but doesn't hold all the answers.

I think it's time for an earthquake.

But that's tomorrow. Today we have a whiny teenager...

I wish you'd turn that thing off,” the male muttered. “The sound of the forest are really quite nice. Very peaceful.”

The girl frowned, and pulled a round, black seed from her ear. It hung from a long thin stem and emitted a strange, repetitive beat. “Peaceful's boring,” she said. “Why couldn't you just come over to Christchurch to 'bond'?” Here she rose both her hands beside her head and made a strange twiddling motion with her two inside-fingers. “At least there's shops and stuff there. Here there's nothing but birds and bugs.” She swatted at something. “Man, I'm never gonna stop itching. Those fragging sandflies, they're eating me alive.”


Look at that,” the father said, pointing straight at Aroha. “Do you know what sort of bird that is?”

The girl shrugged. “A kiwi,” she said. “Or a chicken. Who cares? It's just a dumb bird.”

Hey!” Aroha snapped strutting closer. “I resent that remark.”

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