Tuesday, November 23, 2010

NaNoWriMo, day 23

Today was the 5th class for my Writing for children course. Only 3 to go now. It's interesting because although I DO know a lot of the stuff already, it is ratehr helping me with the motivation and also to pick up on some of the flaws I might have missed.

In this case, I realised that the WCFW gang should be portended at some point in the narrative instead of just being shoved in there like a remainder. Also, that the earthquake theme should occur in some dramatic function later on, instead of just petering off. So I have written in mention to the WCFW gang earlier in the prose and then put another aftershock in the last chapter. Also, I had kinda jumped a large chunk there and although nothing happened, I decided the last chapter should start with Aroha and Maru almost being home (just on the wrong side of the Grey river) and describe their crossing.

It is now at around 52,875 words.

Now - more art:
(5/25 sketched)

Chapter 3: Freedom (near Springfield)

Chapter 4: Story time with Pukekos

Chapter 5: The WhiteBack gang

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