Monday, April 21, 2014

Creature Feature #184: Eagle

The name "Eagle" is given to larger birds of prey. These are characterised by their powerful hooked bills, strong talons and a taste for meat. Most of the species are spread across Eurasia and Africa, but two species - including this Bald Eagle - occur in America. She is an apex predator, an opportunistic hunter with a taste for fish. To hunt for these, she swoops low across the water, scooping the fish up with her talons. Although she is not the largest of eagles, she can carry prey weighting over 6 kilograms for short distances. Pairs are monogamous, courting relatively early in the season with elaborate aerial displays that involve cartwheeling through the air, talons locked together. A very large nest, called an eyrie, is constructed at the top of a tree and this is added to year-by-year. In this she lays one-to-three eggs.

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