Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Creature Feature #145: Currasow

The Currasow are large semi-terrestrial birds of South America, where they fill a similar niche to the chickens and pheasants of the Old World. There are a number of species, and they are related to the chachalaca and guan. This fellow is a Great Currasow, his mate being of smaller stature and chesnut in plumage. He can be found in rainforest from Mexico through Central America and is gregarious in nature. Flocks of up to a drozen will forage on the forest floor for insects, figs and fallen fruits. The nest building is collaborative, although sometimes the male will build it alone, up within the relative safety of the tree. He defends his nest and territory ferociously, and will leap at potential (including humans), flapping and clawing at their eyes.

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