Saturday, March 8, 2014

Creature Feature #141: Crowned Lemur

Okay, I realise that somewhere along the way I appear to have forgotten the alphabet...

The Crowned Lemur is a relatively small member of the Eulemur ("true lemur") Genus. He has vivid orange colouration around his head and shoulders, whereas his mate is a more demure grey. both sport the V-shaped coronet upon their forehead that gives them their name. Crowned Lemurs have a very limited range, with the majority of their population occupying the Ankarana massif at the northern-most tip of Madagascar. They are the only lemurs in the region known to brave the razor-edged limestone tsingy, leaping nimbly across the pinacles as they travel from canyon forest to canyon forest in search of leaves, flowers and fruit.

For those of you that have read my Fellowship of the Ringtails book, this is what Sneak will grow up to look like.

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