Saturday, May 3, 2014

Creature Feature #196: Eland

The Eland is a sturdy Ungulate related to antelopes and cattle. He can be found in the savannah and open ares of East and Southern Africa. He leads a nomadic existence, gathering in herds of up to 500 individuals, with members leaving and joining on a whim. If the males spot danger they will bark and trot back and forth until the entire herd is alerted. Elands are one of the slowest moving of their kin, capable of reaching speeds of 40 kph for short bursts, but they can keep up a steady 22 kph trot indefinitely and leap 2.5 metres from a standing start. Both bulls and cows are equipped with the spiral horns. The bulls use these to fight one another, whereas the cows use them to protect their young.

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