Friday, November 2, 2012

Page Formatting in OpenOffice

I've only just started the novel, and it is FAR too early to be formatting it, but I prefer to work at the size the final book will be printed at. Therefore, I spent 10 minutes working out how to remove the page numbers from the front pages. Since I had done this before and mostly forgotten how to do it, I thought it a fine idea to actually note it down this time (although the help files did indeed prove to be very helpful in this instance).

Go to Format -> styles and formatting
Click on the box labelled "Page Styles"
Select "new style from selection"
Give your new style a name. (ie: Main Text Body)

Now, go to the part in your book where you need to change the style from.
Insert -> Manual Break
Select "Page Break"
Choose your new style from the list.
Press OK

And, that's it!
Now anything you change in that section - page numbers, headers, whatnot, will only affect the pages loaded with that style.
Conveniently, the numbering also works. The first page of actual text in my book is page number 7.

Now that my book looks more like a book, I'm going to have breakfast before I begin writing.

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