Saturday, November 10, 2012

NaNoWriMo 2012, Day 9

Wordcount:  Daily = 3,759 , Total = 18, 049 
Percentage: 36.1% (120% of target) (15,003)
Much better day today - although in all honesty, some of that was written after my blog entry last night.
I seem to be set on having embarrassing things happen to Tiriki. Which is GREAT. I mean, he does manage to get himself stuck in a house in "Aroha's Grand Adventure". A house rather a long way from where he currently is, but we'll sort that out - maybe when he makes his way back from Maxwell Sherbourne's mansion.
It's a good thing I've got a decent buffer now though - cos tomorrow might not be so conductive to writing - I've managed to convince my husband into a roadtrip to Arthur's Pass, where my story is sited. It's an easy day trip and we're leaving early, and that reminds me, I need to get my camera charged.

Okay, camera is charging.

This story writing has led me to pondering some interesting things. Last night, I went to bed wondering if a kea could cause a van boot to slam by jumping on the edge of it. My husband was not so happy about my proposed idea of opening his station wagon boot and flinging half-bags of flour (keas weight less than a kg) at it to see what happened.

Anyhow, I had several misadventures today - a 30 mins wait for a 10 minute Dr appointment, difficulty getting out of property to attend aforementioned appointment  (yah for SCIRT) and then the added quandry of deciding to set up a deck of NZ Naturally Collectible Art Cards because ArtsCow had offered a 25% discount on everything, plus free international freight. 
Here's the first deck if you're curious and you can even buy it if you like 
 The second has had the images uploaded but not yet the information. That's the time consuming bit. It has the mammals, extinct birds and a mix of assorted other native critters.
I also had the washing machine break down on the second load (luckily the work clothes got washed and dried okay), meaning that I had to first remove and wring about a dozen waterlogged towels, and then empty the machine as best I could with a plastic cup. It was a big cup and took 72 or so cupfuls before it got too shallow for me to want to bother with it any more.
And I cooked dinner, making these again (cos they're easy).

Anyhow - today I rearranged the chapters a bit to make them of more appropriate length and added on another chapter - finally the plot is starting to move along! Yay!

(Context: Hiwa and Tiriki have broken into a house, looking for a couple of chicks that have been stolen from their nest.)

The next door was ajar, and led into a kitchen. A container sat on the bench, filled with delicious food scraps – apple peel, a banana skin, half a carrot.
I don't think she's home,” Tiriki hissed in a comically loud whisper.
Intruder!” Shrieked a thin, high voice from across the room. “Alert, beware! Intruder in here!”
Startled, Tiriki took flight, almost crashing into an open cupboard door. As it was, he nicked the corner of one wing and skidded out of control, crashing onto the bench, straight into a precariously piled pyramid of platters. With a clatter and a rattle, some of the dishes went one way – into the sink, whilst the others tumbled to the floor. Hiwa winched as one plate cracked in half and a saucepan lid struck on its edge, rolling across the floor before crashing into a cupboard door and falling over with a clamorous racket.
Both tensed, waiting for some human to come and discover them.
Get out!” The voice called again. It was a strange, thin voice, heavy on the whine factor and too brittle to be human.
It's just Charlie,” Hiwa laughed. “Charlie, don't be afraid – it's just me, Hiwa, your friend.”

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