Friday, November 16, 2012

NaNoWriMo 2012, Day 16

Wordcount:  Daily = 2585 , Total = 29,605
Percentage: 59.21

Edit: Managed to soldier on once I got home. I think at the moment the desktop is easier to write on than the laptop. It's funny how I switch between which one I prefer.

Matakite is crazy. Now he's predicting death and destruction in Tiriki's future.
Not sure if he means some sort of predator - a cat or stoat might work its way into the aviary, or if he's just foretelling Tupato's treachery. We'll have to wait and see.

Matakite scrambled back to his feet, his wings started flicking uncontrollably. He peered up in Tiriki's general direction, although his pale eyes seemed unable to focus.
Darkness,” he screeched, “darkness on the air. You must hide, for they seek, from the shadows death will creep.”
Reka shot Tiriki an apologetic look. “He gets like this sometimes,” she explained. She glided down beside her mate, and put her claw on his shoulder. “Mate,” she whispered. “Who seeks?”
The claws of the night are sharp in the dark. Coming, coming. No time to wait, no time to lark.”
She nipped him, not hard, but enough to break his rambling delerium. “Who's coming?” She repeated.

Oh crud, I've gotten blocked... Tiriki's in the aviary with the kaka,who have sort of formed into two groups - the ones that want to retain the status quo - staying in the aviary where life is safe and food is plentiful, and the ones, the younger ones, that want to escape. So far the younger ones are Rata and Maia, the two females, and Matakite, a kaka who suffered from lead poisoning and sees glimpses of the future and is almost blind.

Alas, I'm not sure where the story is going - or how they're going to escape.


I'm at my first Write-in and it's a lot of fun hanging out with fellow writers - whose stories all sound rather more interesting than mine (pirates, sex, HP fanfic, dystopic futures...) and seem to be going pretty well - and I'm approaching the end of my story and have come to a stalemate.

Maybe I should go for a walk, but I didn't even bring a book for me to read while I do it. Maybe the good ol' walk and talk to myself should come into action.

Have a feeling I'm going to have to delete and rework the last 500 words.

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Freerangersnz Outofthisworld said...

God, I know the feeling when you get stalemate/writers block! It's like your brain is stuffed with cotton wool (to me that is)!
I still think what you're writing is really interesting and I hope you manage to finish it to your satisfaction.
Good luck!!! :D

Ella :)