Saturday, November 24, 2012

NaNoWriMo 2012, day 24

Wordcount:  Daily = 3,430 , Total =  46,828
Percentage: 93.7 (117% of target)

And I'm done...

Not the 50k, but that's not far off. No, I'm done with the story, the last words have been written. Actually, the last words were written ages ago, if you count the epilogue, but I've just finished the last chapter. My head is filled with the fuzz and my brain is full of keas.

This is not a comfortable condition!

I might go now for a celebratory walk. I am just not sure where that walk will take me, or maybe I shall just make myself a celebratory chai. THAT sounds like a plan. Then time to wrap some secret santas, which have been sitting - neglected - on my coffee table for the last three weeks.

Also, I seem to have signed up for a parakeet swap, and have 14 collectible cards to create and post.
No rest for the wicked, eh?

Then, tomorrow I shall beef up some of the shorter chapters, making Pakari nastier (so you truly want him to lose the final challenge) and fleshing out Raweke and Totoa. Also, write up some info on keas, kakas, sparrows and Australian parrots.

I also have a little book from the library "Kea: Bird of Paradox" which is about the kea, of course, and whilst being rather old (the 1980s) does contain information about kea social behaviour that I may find rather useful in the editting stage of this manuscript.

And I also have to make a  start on the art.

I intend to ask a friend who works for DOC to read the story just to make sure I haven't accidentally offended one of the few Government departments I actually support. I don't think I have... but who knows, I may have put a foot wrong somewhere! Better to be safe than sued or something.

Here's an extract:
Kia ora, fellow keas,” Hiwa squawked to the gathered onlookers, “and human observers too,” with a nod toward's Stephanie's car. “We are gathered here this fine, summer evening, to witness a battle of two brave young souls. Pakari,” Pakari stood tall, raising his wings to flash the red underneath. A loud chorus of squawking applause and whistles sounded from his supporters in the flock. “The self-crowned King of the Village and Tiriki, newly returned from a journey to lands afar and unknown.” Tiriki flashed his underwings too, and he could have sworn the cheers and whistles he received were louder. But it may have just been his imagination. No, not likely, by the way Pakari was scowling, he heard it too.
Get on with it,” Pakari grumbled. “We haven't got all night, and we'll lose the light soon.”
As you know,” Hiwa continued, ignoring him, “I spent some time recently inside this very building,” she bowed herhead to indicate the Visitor's Centre. “And during that time, I saw some of the treasures they hide inside. My Dare,” she said, eyeballing Tiriki and Pakari in turn, “is for each of you to enter that building, and bring me back a human treasure.” She paused. “And it better be something good, cos if it ain't, you'll be headed back in to fetch me another.”
Tiriki had been expecting something like this, ever since there little expedition into Stephanie's house. Pakari just looked confused. “How do we get in?” He asked.
You'll have to look to find a way,” replied Hiwa. “And if you can't find one, well then, I guess you're lose. Now, are you ready?” She glanced across at the other kea. “On the Count of Four.”
One...” She shrieked.
Two...” By now the rest of the kea were joining in too, the air filled with their clamourous racket.
Tiriki and Pakari pushed off from the roof...

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