Monday, June 23, 2014

Creature Feature #247: Frigatebird

You may have noticed that my entries are a bit later and more abridged recently. For this I apologise. I have begun writing my novel again and my art time has become somewhat reduced.

The Frigatebird is a bird built for the skies. His wings are very long, enabling him to remain aloft for up to week at a time, riding updrafts and landing only to roost and breed. He cannot swim and is clumsy on the land. His main diet is fish, and he is a pirate of the skies, ambushing other birds to steal their catches and even snapping up fledglings. In breeding season, the male inflates his bright red gular pouch in an effort to impress the females. One mate will be selected, and they remain together for the season, hatching their single egg chick together.

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