Monday, June 1, 2009

A bird in 13 minutes?

Well, not quite - most took slightly longer, but the challenge for this swap was to spend no more than 13 minutes per card. I decided that choosing the subject should not be included in that time! To also cut down time expended, I used my prismas, which are still in their original tray. Thus no fossicking through my large tin trying to find the one inch long terracotta pencil that is "in there somewhere".

The birds are:

Blue Heron, Oriental Bay Owl, Eider Duck
African Skimmer, Hoatzin and Crowned Crane.

I will likely not be sending the Blue Heron as the composition and balance are shocking and thus it just does not look right to me.

Also today my artistic offerings are:

A total failure at drawing something creepy, not cute. Then again, it is hard to deny that aye-aye are intrinsically cute. Especially if you've ever seen a year old youngester at close quarters.

A tropical butterfly perches on a ginger flower. I'm quite pleased with this one, and the effect I am managing to achieve on my flora pieces.

These two cards are for HmmNBird I think her name is. Should she want them!

Do you know that June 6th is DRAWING DAY?

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