Monday, June 29, 2009

Another Pick-A-Theme Completed

Posted off four letters on their long journeys around the world today. And finished up another three cards, thus completing another PAT (only the hostess card to go).

Firstly, the theme listed was "CATS". I'm not sure if she meant the stage play or was just extremely enthusiastic, but decided better safe than sorry and present you with The mysterious, the marvellous...

... Mr Mistofelees:

Second theme was hot air balloons. I was considering being quirky - drawing a flying pig balloon or something twisted and weird, but I kinda felt like jsut going for the whimsical:

And finally - the theme was "purple". Well, many things are purple, but I needed an emotion for the page in my book so I did a little research - what emotion is represented by the colour purple?

Well, "spite" was one of them, but I already drew spite and besides, I didn't want to give a negative card.

so I decided on "Wisdom".

Wisdom is usually represented by an owl. But owls are actually not as bright as one might think. And for some reason, I got to thinking tortoise. So... I hybridised the two:

I hope it's not too weird for her!

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