Thursday, November 17, 2011

NaNoWriMo 2011, Day 17

Wordcount: 1,062 (1,752)
Total Wordcount: 38, 691
Percentage: 77.4%

Why the number in brackets? Cos that's how many I would have written had I not decided to delete a bunch and rewrite the scene. Anyhow, it's better now. But I think I'll keep those extra 690 words tacked on the end, because the official wordcount validator and my Open Office wordcount are having a disagreement to the cost of over 1300 words. I think it must be the "-" I have been known to use on (every) occasion. Perhaps if I went through and replaced them all with ";" my wordcoutn would decrease significantly.

Hrm, let's try that (and save first!) - count = 38,584 - so that lost me about 100 words.
Now what happens if I delete all the "s - wordcount= 37,316

What does the official validator currently say? wordcount = 37,321.
And what do I get in Microsoft word? 37,319

I guess we see what is more accurate. Does anyone know how I can set OpenOffice to stop counting "s?

Once I get the wordcount up to around 52k, then I can delete the excess words cos it will make the wordcount >50k.

Anyhow, I should quit goofing around and get some beauty sleep. Although I did get around 10 hours last night. And I still ain't anywhere near beautiful.

Rakoto and Kary (a gentle lemur with a bad case of mange and baldness):
Aww, no need to be embarrassed,” said the kit. “We all make mistakes and you're just too nice. You always think the best of lemurs. That's why greedy sods like that kotrika, he take advantages with you. Miso, he was just looking out for you. Tryin' to teach you to not be so gobble.”


Gobble, you know, not to believe what everyone tells you is always the truth.”

I believe you mean 'gullible'?” Rakoto corrected.

Yeh, gobble. You're gobble.”

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