Tuesday, November 1, 2011

More Mad Mutant Bunnies

Naked molebunny:
This little guy is naked because fur is unnecessary when you live in the ground. His ears are reduced in size to reduce friction and his feet are longer to act as shovels. He has small eyes and only limited sight. His whiskers have developed into sensing tendrils, which he uses to locate food - his main diet is insects and worms.

Dust Bunny
This teeny tiny little bunny lives in the urban environment, specifically human habitations. She favours untidy, cluttered homes. Measuring only a few inches in height, she is a hoarder of small and useless bits and pieces - paperclips, coins, rubber bands, scraps of paper, which she uses to line her nest. When danger threatens, she curls up into a ball, resembling a great puffball of dust. But be warned, because if she is picked up or touched, she does have very sharp teeth.

Mega Bunny
This extremely large lapus evolution is found in woodland. He uses his short trunk to drag down branches and strip them of leaves, which he eats. He also uses his sharp inscisors to strip bark from trees.

Beach Bunny (my favourite)
Ths little Beach Bunny makes her home on sandy shores, where she feeds on kelp, as well as small molluscs, crabs and worms. She dips the tendrils at the side of her mouth into rockpools and uses them to sense her prey. If frightened, she curls up into a ball, protected by both her overlapping armour plates and the cryptic markings act as camouflage. It has been found that Beach Bunnies living in different environments are coloured to match their habitat.

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