Friday, November 11, 2011

NaNoWrimo, 11/11/11 (day 11)

Wordcount: 4,021
Total Wordcount: 26,648
Percentage: 53.3%

Today's goal was to get to 25k. Despite thinking that I had achieved not much of anything today, I managed to attain and beat that goal!

Writing for Rakoto is awesome. When I first conceptualised Rakoto, I intended him to be a sulky little brat, possibly a bit prone to misbehaving or retreating inside himself. I intended his not-sister to bully him and I intended Araminta (his foster mother to treat him with scorn). However, that didn't feel right - he was, after all, the son of the Queen, and demanded respect. He developed a crush on Isabella (his not-sister) and she turned out to be a somewhat snobbish little upstart and smart alec. Rakoto still became a quiet, thoughtful (as in, he thought a lot), young fellow, who did not really understand his own identity. He did not sulk much, but does tend to overthink situations. He does not act impulsively.

Part of the reason that Rakoto is turning out alright, is because of Mephistopheles. When I first started, Mephi's role wasn't too clear either - he was the advisor to the Queen (now fallen from her favour) but I did not realise until recently that he avidly disliked her and opposed a lot of her decisions. When she displaced him, he took to tutoring Rakoto - his goal being to raise the youngster to be a decent steward until a female heir is sired and can take the throne. Thus, despite his blood heritage, Rakoto has wound up neither a vicious murderer nor a scheming, manipulative, selfish prince. He is still, alas, easily manipulated and quite naive.

Today we hear Eloise's story, have a run-in with a couple of trainee Hunters and get involved in several conversations. If in doubt, write dialogue, it seems.

From the way it is currently looking, the rebel group - or rather, rebel trio (Misokosoko, Dahira and the nameless tsidy) will wind up aligning with Mephi, Rakoto and the Forgotten against the Queen, Noir and any other hunters. Which seem to also involve Eloise's brother, Roland. He's also new to the plot and I have no idea what role he will play.

Mephistopheles nudged him with his cold nose. “You have a heart,” he said. “There is no question about that.” He paused. “Have you ever wondered whom your father might be?”

Rakoto sighed. Of course he had wondered, on numerous occasions. He tried to make light of the matter. “Are you trying to tell me that I am not Radama's son?”

His tutor chuckled. “You are a smart kit,” he said, “and good with numbers. Yet, in the eyes of royal law, you are Radama's son, but have you ever wondered whom actually sired you?”

I always rather hoped it was you,” Rakoto admitted, feeling a little silly.

Several expressions crossed Mephistopheles strange face. Surprise, sadness and then it finally settled on delight. “Me?” He said. “You would choose the ugliest lemur in the entire city as your sire?”

You are not ugly, just strange. I have never seen a lemur like you before.” He sighed. “And I know it is silly, because I know that whatever you are, it is definitely not sifaka-kin. But you did spend a lot of time with my mother and you are so wise and kind and well... you are the sort of father I would have liked to have.“ He paused, ears pricking. “Do you know whom my father is?”

Mephistopheles frowned and seemed about to say something, then shook his head. “No,” he said, “I do not know.”

But you were the Queen's Advisor, Rakoto thought. Nobody knew her as you did. Therefore, you must know the truth. He shuddered. And it must be so terrible, if you would choose to lie to me thus. But he held his tongue. Some truths were better left buried.

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