Wednesday, November 16, 2011

NaNoWriMo 2011, Day 16

Wordcount: 925
Total Wordcount: 36,939
Percentage: 72.9%

I am very tired tonight. Possibly because the neighbour's decided to have a domestic at 11.30 pm (resulting in the man shouting VERY loudly and with very foul language before storming out and speeding off in his car - I hope to cool down). And then it stormed - wind and rain rattling the windows and roof. By the time I left for work the sun was shining, and it has been a lovely day overall.

But I did not get a lot of sleep.

So here's some lemur facts to entertain you:
(from Smithsonian)

Lemur expressions:
  • Staring open-mouth face: The eyes are opened wide, the mouth is open with the teeth covered by the lips. This occurs when mobbing a predator or serves to communicate an inhibited threat.
  • Staring bared-teeth scream face: The eyes are opened wide, the mouth is open with the corners drawn back so that the teeth and gums are revealed. This display occurs with terror flight.
  • Silent bared-teeth face: The eyes are staring at the stimulus, the eye brows are either relaxed or up, and the corners of the mouth are drawn back allowing the teeth to show. This is used to communicate submission or a friendly approach. <- THEY CAN SMILE!
  • Bared-teeth gecker face: Similar to silent bared-teeth face only with a rapid noise attached to it. This display occurs during subordinate flee-approach conflicts and also when an infant is bothered.
  • Pout face: The eyes are opened wide and the lips are pushed forward such that the mouth resembles an "O" shape. This occurs with contact calls and also occurs with begging.
  • Hoot face: The lips are pushed forward to resemble something called a "trumpet-mouth.” This display occurs with long-distance calls (e.g. territorial calls).

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