Tuesday, November 8, 2011

NaNoWriMo 2011, Day 7

Wordcount: 1,607
Total Wordcount: 16,105
Percentage: 32.3%

Today was the first day I got up at 5am to write before work.
Not a great deal of fun. But I managed to force out around 1000 words before I left, than added a few hundred more for luck.

Getting home, I tried to draw an anthropomorphic bee as an ATC illustration of the book I am currently reading ("Petal Storm" by Paul Kidd, it's very good) and discovered that anthro bees are really hard to draw.

Anyhow, I am developing the lemur city of Narivo in a little more depth - or perhaps height is a better word. It is structured in layers - the sifaka (the elite, rich etc) live in the upper reaches of the branches, further down live the varika craftslemurs, futher down still live in the general workers, and the ground is the realm of the peddlars and musicians, along with the homeless. The fifth quarter (which doesn't officially exist) is where the refugees live.

It appears in my head that Kotrika (sportive lemurs) are peddlars, and tsidy (mouse lemurs) act as couriers.

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