Wednesday, November 9, 2011

NaNoWriMo 2011, Day 9

Wordcount: 1,795
Total Wordcount: 20,005
Percentage: 40.01%

To kill or not to kill?
It is a dilemma any budding writer must face.
In this case - I can over-dramatise and extend a scene that will likely have little relevance to the main plot but will increase my wordcount.
On the other hand, should I just not move the seven of them towards their final destination?

The situation - Aurelia and her merry crew of Karazana have made there way into a gully, climbing down the steep cliff in the pouring rain. It is treacherous going, and upon arriving, Aurelia and her new sidekick, Ngara (I promise I shall draw her soon) find that most of the otehrs have beaten them there.

Except one of the team is missing. The hyperactive, over enthusiastic one.

Now, I have three options here:
1. I can have her sheltering somewhere and be completely fine
2. She could have fallen and died
3. She could have fallen and crippled herself.

Now, as you can see, all this successfully does is make the reader go "woooh, that's cruel!" And eliminates a largely unnecessary character from the plot.

But if she's that unnecessary, why did I have her in it in the first place?

So I could kill her?

To add about two minutes of colour at the beginning - she didn't really get much of a role at all.

Maybe I'll skip back to Rakoto's POV while I ponder this point.

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