Thursday, March 31, 2011

Draconic Tigraven

For my Art for Christchurch blog I have been offering commissions as a way of raising money. This particular commission was to " create some creature that combines elements of dragons and ravens and perhaps even some Siberian tiger? It took me a wee while to ceonceptualise it, and I started off with an art card headstudy, but decided a postcard would give me more flexibility.

So here he is:

I have a large amount of fanart to put up, based on the swap I am currently hosting, but I am waiting until I've completed all 11 pieces before I post it here. That's why I've been quiet of late!


Els said...

In MY experience, it took you almost NO time to come up with your concept! And I adore the result. Not at all what I might have derived from a soup of those three creatures, and a perfectly wonderful blend. I do SO love glimpses of other creative brains working on the same problem. You're right about the postcard size, too. Cannot wait to frame and hang this beauty. You are just one more reason to thank the stars for how many and much was SPARED in the Christchurch disaster. Thank you in advance for the treasure!

LemurKat said...

Thank you Els!

My pencils were spared ^^ They were all over the floor, but they seem okay - or at least no more broken-leaded than is usual for prismacolors.

I was at risk initially of making him too much like a gryphon, so I tried to incorporate the raven's beak shape into the muzzle and the body is half-bird-half reptile. I'm quite pleased with the results. I'll send you the Art Card too.


Momo said...

Amazing pieces of work.