Sunday, March 20, 2011

February Pick-a-theme

I think this shall be the last Pick-a-theme I engage in. It's not that I don't like them, it's just that I keep ending up producing what I feel is lacklustre art. I am just not passionate enough about many of the themes to do what I would consider a "good job".

For those of you wondering what a "pick-a-theme" is - basically each group consists of 5 people who all nominate what theme they are collecting. These can be vague (ie: "birds") or very specific (ie: "old fashioned beehives"). I rather enjoy trying to add my own little quirk to the theme, and interpret it my own way. They're fun - you get cards that are well suited for your collection, and sometimes have to face a challenge, but also you may be stuck with some rather tricksy-to-interpret themes.

Colourful Cat
Following up from my "finch kitties" of last year, this fellow is a cat coloured like a bullfinch.

Scarlet Macaw

Fantasy Armour
Whilst googling for this theme, I found an awesome dog costume. But I decided it would look better on a kitsune fox (which the recepient also likes)


Whimsical Tree
This cute palm tree was referenced by a photo I took on the Tauranga harbour front.

Child at Play
Children are not something I am very good at drawing, and try as hard as I could, I could not get her looking young enough. So here we have a pre-teen Malagasy girl showing her younger siblings how to fly one of their handmade, recycled kites (made from plastic bags).

Old Fashioned Beehive
Well, it's colourful and whimsical, anyway. Can you find the 4-leaf clover?

Louisianna Swamp Land
Albino swamp 'gator.

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