Friday, March 25, 2011

Go Fish

Kokiri, the Leatherjacket
With his tough, leathery skin, rigid body and retractable head spine, the Leatherjacket is not a fish to mess with. He is found around the coastal waters of New Zealand and uses his sharp teeth to rip sponges from the rocks. But he will eat almost anything, including spiny sea urchins. He is fully capable of swimming backwards, should the need arise.

Kumu-kumu, the Red Gurnard
This fanciful fish is easily recognised by its attractive fins. These have finger-like joints which it uses to grope about the sandy sea bed as it hunts for crustaceans and other small animals. It can grow up to 20 inches in length and is a desirable catch for fishermen. It lives at around depths of 180m , although the youngsters prefer shallower water.

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