Saturday, April 2, 2011

Avatar: The Last Airbender

Avatar: The Last Airbender is an amazing and addictive series featuring martial arts based around the four elements/Nations - fire, water, earth and air. Most of the people belong to one of the Nations and some have abilities to "bend" them - which is manipulating that element to their advantage. Only one person can master all the elements - the Avatar. Every generation an Avatar is born into the world, but 100 years ago the Avatar vanished. In his absence, the Fire Nation grew to dominate the world, spreading fear and discord. That is until the day two teenagers from the Southern Water Tribe find the Avatar frozen in ice. Now, with their help, he must master all the elements and set things right.

Avatar has great characters, each with their own unique personalities, a beautifully crafted world and a well developed plot. And a lot of very nifty hybrid critters. It also features a flying lemur called "Momo".

Having watched the entire three seasons in a little under three weeks, I developed a little bit of an obsession with it and began hosting the "Avatar" swap on AFA. Although the participants only need to create 3 cards, I decided to draw the chimerical monsters. And just kept going.

So, here they are. Now, because my usual style is cartoonish and cute and because Avatar is a cartoon, I decided to illustrate these in my alternative style - semi realistic (that is to say - as realistic as I get).

Appa, the Flying Bison: He's big and floofy and smarter than he looks! Appa is Ang's Animal Guide. Alledgedly, the Airbenders learned airbending from the Flying Bison.

Firebending Dragon
And the firebenders learned firebending from the dragons.

The Badgermole taught the Earthbenders their skills.

Momo, the flying Lemur is of course MY favourite (I might keep this one)

And we also have:
; the Reptilebird;
Slim the Catgator; Foofoo Cuddlypoofs,
Koalasheep; Toucanpuffin;
Purple Pentapus

And - of course:
the Platypus bear

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