Friday, April 22, 2011

New Zealand Naturally Art Cards

I've been drawing a lot of our native species, as you've likely noticed, so I thought it was time I put the completed list (to date) up here for the reference of anyone who might be interested in taking advantage of any of my Felt listings to acquire some. If anyone is interested, cards are $3 each, $2 each if you buy 9 or more, or cheaper still if you order any more than that. I have yet to estimate how much the entire set would cost - I do not even know how many I have done! but I will do a full set of the birds for $100, which is around $1.38 per card.

The cards in the image here are printed out on glossy photo paper using the 9-image setting, mounted on card (150 gsm) that is slightly less than 2.5 x 3.5 inches with an information sheet on the back; laminated and cut to slightly more than the 2.5 x 3.5 images. I am slowly growing in skill and confidence at using my laminator and guillotene and feel I can do a pretty decent job, but if in any case the lamination peels away, I will replace the cards affected free of charge.

Buyer can choose the colour of the backing card, but I recommend the light green above or a dull yellow. Some look good on blue, but others do not.

If you are interested in buying any, drop me an email or you can go through Felt:

Current species available:
V = Vertical format (portrait)
H = Horizontal format (landscape)
Most of the invertebrates could go either way

Kiwi H (this one is a slightly different format from the others)
Tawaki (Erect crested Penguin) V
Hoiho (Yellow eyed penguin) V
Little Blue V
Crested Grebe V
Dabchick H
Toroa (albatross) H
Titi - Cook's petrel H
White-fronted storm petrel (to come soon) V
Gannet V
Spotted Shag V
Pied Shag V
Kotuku V
White faced heron H
Spoonbill H
Blue Duck H
Brown Teal H
Paradise Duck H
Shoveller Duck H
Takahe H
Pukeko V
Weka H
Banded Rail H
Marsh Crake H
Australasian Coot H
Wrybill H
Variable Oystercatcher H
Banded Dotteral H
Pied Stilt V
Kaki (Black Stilt) V
Gull (Black billed) V
Black-Fronted tern H
Spurwing Plover H
Kereru V
Kea H
Kaka V
Kakapo H
Kakariki V
Long Tailed Cuckoo H
Shining Cuckoo H
Kahu (Harrier Hawk) V
New Zealand Falcon V
Morepork V
Kotare (Kingfisher) H
Rock Wren V
Rifleman V
Pippit V
Fernbird H
Tomtit (South Island) H
Robin (South Island) H
Black Robin H
Yellowhead V
Brown creeper V
Grey Warbler V
Tui H
Bellbird H
Stitchbird H
Kokako H
Saddleback H
Piwakawaka H
Silvereye H
Welcome Swallow H
Little Bittern (extinct) H
Auckland Island Merganser (extinct) H
False-toothed Pelican (extinct) V
Quail (extinct) H
Snipe (extinct) H
Whekau (laughing Owl) (extinct) V
Huia (extinct) V
Stephen Islands Wren (extinct) V
Piopio (extinct) V

Hooker Sea Lion H
Hector's Dolphin H
Long Tailed Bat H
Short Tailed Bat H

Tuatara H
Skink species x3 V, H,H
Gecko species x 3 V, H, H

Amphibians :
Hochstetter's Frog H
Archey's Frog H

Fish :
Gollum Galaxias V
Kokopu H
Long Finned Eel V
Tarakihi H
Butterfish H
Black Rockfish H
John Dory H
Pigfish H
Red Gurnard H
Leatherjacket H
Blue Shark H

Invertebrates :
Katipo Spider V
Square Ended Crab Spider V
Black Headed Jumping Spider V
New Zealand Grasshopper H
Mole Cricket H
Weta H
Chorus Cicada V
Praying Mantis H
Stick Insect V
Flax Weevil V
Huhu Beetle V
Manuka Beetle V
Flower Longhorn V
Helm's Stag Beetle V
Seashore Earwig H
Three Lined Hoverfly V
Red Admiral Butterfly H
Yellow Admiral Butterfly V
Copper Butterfly V
Common Blue Butterfly V
Monarch Butterfly V
Forest Ringlet Butterfly V
Magpie Moth H
Puriri Moth V
Purple peripatus H
Giant Snail H
Beaded Top Shell V
Kina V
Paddle crab H

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