Friday, June 29, 2012

Avian States of America

Where has LemurKat been all this time, you ask?

Well, I've been to America. On the 26th May, my husband and I departed from our flat in Christchurch, New Zealand and traveled all the way across the Pacific to engage in an Epic Whirlwind of a Road Trip. Over the next 32 days we visited 10 states (California, Nevada, Arizona, Utah, Colorado, Wyoming, Montana, Washington, Oregon - oh, and we drove through Idaho), drove over 5000 miles and visited 5 different National Parks.

To commemerate, I illustrated the State Birds of most of the States we visited, in the same style as my PDX 2012 design. 

For the States that shared birds with those I had already drawn, I drew instead the State Mammal.

Sorry Montana, I shall have yours finished soon!

 Quality varies because I had to take some of these on the road, and of the six, only two came home with me. As you can see, my scanner does a good job of bringing out the darker lines.


Anarchangel said...

The state bird of Utah is a seagull??

LemurKat said...

Yes, the state bird of Utah truly is a seagull. Supposedly it safed the mormons from a plague of locusts.

Antioc said...