Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Still writing...

Today I received my "Birds of Madagascar, a photographic guide" in the mail from The Book Depository. It fits nicely with my "Mammals of Madagascar: a complete guide" that arrived some time before then. OF course, given the vast amount of both birds and mammals that we didn't see when we were in Madagascar, now I want to go back and see what I can identify. I wish I'd had the bird book then, actually.

Did I mention I also have this beautiful dvd? Madagascar BBC
And over 30 toy lemurs, many of which are plushes and some of which were handmade in Madagascar?

You might say I'm a bit obsessive. In fact, go on and say it. I don't mind.

Anyhow, with all this wonderful inspiration (although the DVD made me cry and I've only watched 1/3 of it) you might think I should be writing. And you'd be right. But alas, it's been hard to be motivated and I'd come to a bit of a stalemate. But I am trucking through it.

Anyhow, today I managed 1,280 words, bringing my wordcount up to a grand total of 65,507 words.

And I drew up the lineart for a helmet vanga. Whilst watching "Game of Thrones". Now talk about dark... I've read the books, and those were bleak enough... But in the first episode there were two beheadings in the first ten minutes and another death before the end. Indeed, when we finished today's episode (#3) I turned to my husband and said "wow, that's weird, nobody died."

Anyway, suffice to say, my story is taking a bit of a darker twist. But not really - or not yet anyhow.

And Karazana and Aurelia are currently playing with fire. Literally.

“Misaotra.” Aurelia took from the collection the stick and the moss. “If we twist the moss around the stick, we can light it with your firestone,” she said. “And you can carry it. In your mouth.”

Karazana mused the suggestion for a moment. “That could work,” she said. “Let's try it.”

The first few attempts ended up with the moss falling to the ground, but on the fourth try, it stayed put. Aurelia waved it about. It didn't fall off.

“Now for the fire.” Karazana pulled out her firestone and the small lump of metal. Aurelia held the stick steady, bracing it against the ground. Crouching over the moss, it took several strikes before Karazana managed to unleash the fire in the heart of the stone. Sparks showered down onto the moss.

There was a hiss, followed by a roar as the flame devoured the moss and began licking its way along the branch. Long tendrils of fire snaked out, singing Karazana's whiskers. She yelped and it tumbled to the floor, sputtering to its death against the stony ground.

The maky rubbed her face in the dirt. The stink of singed fur hung in the air.

“Are you hurt?” Aurelia cried, hopping over to her and licking her forehad and ears.

“I... I don't think so,” Karazana muttered, looking up. Dirt and dust clung to the fur of her muzzle and chin, but she seemed unscathed. “But let's not try that again.”

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