Sunday, June 26, 2011

SocNoc, Day 26 - Caught in a Rut

The inevitable has happened. Having achieved my goal of 50k words my motivation has suddenly burned out. It is not as though the characters have reached a point of stalemate - Karazana and Aurelia are about to enter the Tsingy and meet the sisters. Noir is well on their tail. It is just that I am getting to the part where I wonder... what is the point? No one is very going to read this book. I have no idea where the second part (to be written in November, alledgedly) is headed. And it is all just a pointless, long-winded waste of time. I would probably be doing better were I... I dunno, drawing NZ birds or something. No, wait, I've drawn them all already.

*sighs* At least I finished "Aroha's Grand Adventure" I should really submit revision#3 that for publication.

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