Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Socnoc, Day 14

Today's Wordcount: 2,030
Total Wordcount: 33,995
(includes the part written before SocNoc - 4143 words)
Percentage: 59.7%

Still trucking along. Now that the characters have established themselves in my brain, I'm more or less just a conduit for their actions. Looks like Aurelia's going to get herself into a bit of mischief, with another lemur-brained scheme. See, we have a small problem - as the heir of the royal line, Aurelia has blue eyes. This makes her rather obvious to anyone who cares to look. And as Karazana and Aurelia are intending to attend a rather large market, it seems highly probably that someone would see her eyes and figure it out. So, they're trying to plan a way to hide her eyes, whilst also allowing her to still see:

I could wear Manjoretra's hat,” she said. “Or wrap a lambas around my head. It wouldn't cover my eyes, but it might make it less likely for anyone to notice them.”

Hrm,” her foster mother answered. “That is a very sensible idea. Although I think we can do better than Manjo's hat. We could fashion you up a nice one, like the Ombiasy's...”

That's what gave me the idea,” Aurelia interrupted. “I was so busy looking at the hat, that I hardly looked at her at all. All I saw was the hat. If I had a hat like that, no one would notice my eyes.”

(first she asks Manjoretra for his)

He frowned at her. “You want my hat?”

Yes,” she said, “to hide my eyes so no one can see they're blue tomorrow. They'll be too busy looking at the hat, you see.”

Really?” He took his hat off and plonked it on her head. It covered her eyes and rested on her muzzle. “Well, it certainly does cover your eyes,” he chuckled.

She pushed it up. “Oh, it's too big.” She sighed. “I can't see anything.”

He laughed. “I'll help you make your own,” he said, “I made this one myself. It's not hard – you've just got to have nimble fingers.”

(so they try and make one from a sisal palm)

They're better if you dry them in the sun first,” he said, “but we don't have time, so this'll have to do.” Together, with Karazana's help, they stripped strands of the long palm leaf and began weaving it. The final product – created sometime after darkness had fallen, was floppy and green but somewhat hat-shaped.

It's hideous,” Aurelia moaned. “I can't wear this!” She flung it to the ground, and bounced on it a couple of times.

I guess it's gonna be a lambas around the face then,” Karazana replied.

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