Friday, June 24, 2011

SocNoc, Day 24 - the day I reached 50k

Wordcount: 5,048
Total Wordcount: 55,753 (less 4132)
Percentage: 103%

What'll you know... The day I reach my 50k is the day my internet and phoneline decide to crash and burn, meaning that I cannot sing it to the world until possibly as late as Wednesday.

Actually maybe that's why I wrote so much – no Facebook, no AFA, no interweb distractions. Although just because our phone isn't working doesn't mean I didn't spend some time talking to my mother. They set up a call divert to my cellphone. This meant I had time to colour my leorabbit commission.

Plot is progressing nicely, although Part 1 it will not be completed with 60k, maybe 70k... My chaacters seem to be able to fall into another plot arc, and even when they get to the Sisters in the Tsingy, they will then have to be there a while before Noir catches up with them (he's about 5 days behind them at the moment, but he's on antelope so might be moving faster than they are).

Aurelia felt very much like wrestling with him (a nameless komba kit). Just to see if she could ignite some sort of spark. He seemed almost listless. But then again, maybe he was just a bit dim-witted.

“Wanna play tag?” She asked.

“What's that?” Asked the kit.

Wow, two words, Aurelia thought, and a question, that seems like an improvement.

“It's a game,” Sneak explained. “We'll play it with this stick here,” he picked one up and waved it about. The nameless komba kit shrunk back as though he were about to be beaten.

What's wrong with him? Aurelia wondered.

“Anyhow, in the start I'll have this stick. I'll run off with it and you and Au-err Fotsy here have to catch me and take it off me. If you get the stick, then you've gotta run off cos we'll be chasing you next and trying to get it off you. Understand?”

The kit nodded, still wide-eyed. “Why?” He asked.

Sneak frowned. “Why what?”

“Why would you want the stick?” The kit showed he was capable of managing a full sentence.

“Err, so that we'd be chasing you instead.”

“Why would I want you to chase me?”

Sneak scratched his head with one foot, baffled. “Um, because it's fun.”


Sneak frowned. “Why what?”

“Why is it fun?”

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