Monday, August 3, 2009

What's your totem?

Designed for the totem/spirit animals ATC swap. I do not feel that these represent my personality. I selected these animals under the (somewhat correct) assumption that ravens, wolves and felines would be particularly popular and I'm never one to follow a crowd.

And I couldn't NOT do a lemur, really.

So, what do these totems represent? If your totem is the:

Naked Mole Rat-
You live your life in the dark, in subserviense to someone - be it parent, partner or boss. You are a survivor however, unable to feel much in the way of pain. You are also lacking entirely in individuality and independence, always feeling like you're waiting for a chance that may never come.

Bearded Dragon -
You are calm and relatively laid back, with a voracious appetite. Your favourite past time is basking in the sun but you also enjoy ascending to the heights. If danger threatens, you can look quite fierce - but you're just a big softie, really.

Ringtailed Lemur -
You may not be the brightest spark in the primate world, but you're always willing to stick your nose in where it may not be wanted. Curiosity is both your curse and your blessing. You are sociable, and others, particularly children, are drawn to you. Your worst fear is to be alone. Playful in nature, you don't take life particularly seriously.

Kea -
You are intelligent and curious. This trait is liable to get you into a fair amount of trouble as you are always trying to determine how things work or what happens when you do this? Sociable in nature, you are also quite playful and always willing to act the clown. Others may think you're a bit of a fool, but they're the ones being fooled, as you're secretly scheming mischief!

So which of these best represents me? I'll let you decide... But I think my DF is right... I am a bit of a lizard.


Jenn Klee said...

These are pretty cool, I have never thought about my totem...there's something I might have to think on. It's funny how things in different cultures are also very familiar, the indigenous people in Guatemala have "nahuales" which have some similar aspects with the totems.

joeleaux said...

How does one find out what their totem is?

LemurKat said...

Joeleaux - most people feel a bond, a kinship with a certain type of animal. For me, it is lemurs.

If you do not feel a certain bond with a particular type of animal, there are many online quizzes that claim to be able to find your animal totem. Google it and see.