Tuesday, August 18, 2009

My website gallery is now up and running - all that remains to do is to write individually on every illustration I've uploaded and fix the keywords etc. But please come and visit - http://lemurkat.co.nz - if you want a button to link to it, please use this image here:

or the button I'm using to the right of this entry.

Anyhow, I managed some more cards these last two days too:

A "Saucy Siren". Not quite what the artist who chose this theme might have had in mind. I hope she likes it or at the very least, isnt offended. I'm perfectly happy to draw her something else.

Totem =Badger for Blackdog

If your Totem is the Badger you are solitary and tenacious. You can be sociable if the situation demands it, but for the most part you would rather be on your own. Once you get working on a project you are most determined indeed to see it through until the end. You can be quite fierce if roused.

And for OuP, three weird mammals.

Platypus - one of the only monotreme species - mammals that lay eggs. Platypus are small, sotcky mammals with the bill of a duck, webbed feet, a beaver's tail and the males have poisoned spurs. Even when you have see the real thing, it's hard to believe it's actually a real animal.

Star-Nosed Mole - cousin to the common mole, the star-nosed uses its tentacles as sensory organs to locate and devour its wormy prey. It has huge, broad, flat feet for digging and is apparently a fairly good swimmer too.

Giant Pangolin - looking rather like an animated pinecone, the Pangolin is capable of rolling itself up into a ball. It's diet consists mainly of ants and it has long, powerful claws to rip open their homes. Its tongue is also very long, perfect for lapping up its insectile lunch.

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