Friday, August 21, 2009

Spiced up!

A bright little Vermilion Flycatcher. These wee songbirds are native to the southern States and Central and South America. The male is the colourful one. He's for Athalour in South Africa.

Last night we dined at a very yummy Indian restaurant called "Corianders". This is the herb itself. The entire plant is edible, with the leaves tasting rather different from the seeds (the flowers are not so commonly used). The leaves are supposed to aid the kidneys, I believe it was. They taste good with chicken and other spices. We had some growing in our little portable herb garden but when we went away the landlady chopped it right down to the stumps. I hope it sprouts again as it was going pretty wild! If not, I shall have to plant another one in the pot. It has a slight citrus tang.

The plant parts are actually 3d - this was supposed to be a "Botanical drawing".

And this little Loris is putting on a show just for you! By the light of the moon he's a singing, dancing star! And very, very cute. Don't you just want to gobble him up? (With coriander, of course).


Jenn Klee said...

coriander is a very common herb used in Guatemala; next time you are preparing salsa you should try adding a bit to it, it gives it a great taste.

LemurKat said...

With any luck ours shall spring back to life this spring!