Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Pick-a-theme pieces

Three of the five are done!

Ex-libris Bookplate for Timeinmyhands:

For Itti, the nightingales (real and clockwork) sing a duet - or attempt to. From the fable by Hands Christian Anderson.

And another musical group, this time it's the Musicians of Bremen, although only the rooster is crowing his worth. For CIndyjob. And yes, she spells her name like that too. Even though that WAS a typo on my part!

Alas, I am now left with two to do - one quite easy (zetti birds) the other very tricksy - Goo Goo Doll lyrics. And their lyrics are all airy-fairy metaphors and love stories... I might just go with "...I wanna wake up where you are..." Probably starting Katta as she likes to cameo in my song-inspired cards. And I'm not even particularly fond of the GooGoo Dolls...

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SophiePScrap said...

I love your art Lemurkat! it is all awesome! Keep it up.