Sunday, January 17, 2010

For Lily

Dropped this off today. I don't think she had in strong opinion on it either way - she was asleep the whole time. But she isn't even a week old yet, so she's excused. I'm sure she'll appreciate it when she's a little older and saying "Lobster doesn't start with Y". It's a Yabby, dear. They're Australian. Yaks (pretty much the only other option that doesn't start with "Yellow" or isn't an obscure water opossum) are too overdone. I suppose I will draw a Yak calf as well, just in case I ever get a child with two "Y"s in their name.

Goodness, I hope there are no names with two "X"s!!

And I'm glad I made some enquiries as to another friend's baby's abbrievated name. Or I would have got it wrong! I suppose I could use his full name, but I don't think 9 letters will fit across the foamboard. The next two I'm doing are six letters long, so it will require some maths to work out what size to print them off at (5 fitted perfectly at 3.5 inches wide).

I might start putting these up on trademe soon as individual letters, coloured according to request (to match gender/room colours). If you are interested in buying one, let me know. Size of individual cards will vary between 2.5 x 3.5 inches (for long names), to 6x4 (for 3-4 letter names). I will charge per letter.

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