Friday, June 14, 2013

Secret Solstice, Part Uno

Now this Secret Solstice package has been received - I can show it off! It includes the Pilgrim Pony, who is a 4x4 chunky with moveable carrot and real twine mane, and an Aurelia bookmark - she's reading her biography! Other items included were a couple of gel pens, a whittakers chocolate bar (very yummy, made in NZ) and a little pukeko notepad that was probably made in China, but is cute anyway.

A close up of the pony, minus the glare:


And here's two of the three packages I received (the third is yet to arrive):

From Art_Junkie in Durango, Colorado

From Livia in Texas(?)

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Christine said...

Love the pony! I have always loved your's so creative :-)