Sunday, January 6, 2013

Avian Alphabet Colouring Book

A is for Auks (family - Alcidae )
B is for Bunting (family - Emberizidae)(passerine)
C is for Corvids (family - Corvidae)(passerine)
D is for Ducks (family - Anatidae) - bufflehead, smew,
E is for Egret (not really a family, but gives wider range of birds and also the chance to draw heron-types)
F is for Falcons (family)
G is for Grebes (family - Podicipedidae)
H is for Hummingbirds (family - Trochilidae)
I is for Ibis (family - Threskiornithidae)
J is for Jacana (family)
K is for Kingfishers (order)
L is for Leafbird(passerine)/Loon/Lark (passerine)
M is for Megapode
N is for Nightjars/Nuthatch
O is for Owls
P is for Parrots/Penguins
Q is for Quail
R is for Rail (family)
S is for Swallow(passerine)/Sparrow(passerine)/Siskin(passerine)/Snipe/Seriema etc
T is for Trogon (family -  includes quetzals)
U is for Umbrellabird (3 species in genus Cephalopterus)
V is for Vulture
W is for Wren (passerine)/Wattlebird (passerine)/Woodpecker
X is for Xenops (genus)(passerine)
Y is for Yellowlegs (two species)/Yahina (Genus in the  Zosteropidae family)(passerine)
Z is for Zosterops (although they all look very much alike) (also a Genus in the Zosteropidae family)(passerine)

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