Saturday, April 7, 2012

The Twos Have It!

I'm right back into the NZ Naturally Tarot deck now, picking up where I left off - at the twos. As the numbers progress, it is going to become more difficult to decide on what to use to represent each one, especially since I do not wish to repeat the same animal twice. This will become especially difficult with the Peaks, I suspect, as their are not as many animals in the High Country as say, the Urban environment.

The Two of Coins is a card of juggling, or switching between one thing and another (in this case, snails) to try and achieve your goals.
It is repesented here by a blackbird.

The two of Waves is a coming together, a moment of recognition and shared feeling- that very moment that a relationship may hinge upon. Or not.
It is represented here by a pair of hoiho.

The two of Peaks is a card of Balance. Where one is faced with two opposing ideas, the outcome of which depends upon their decision.
This handsome fellow is a chamois (not to be confused with the earlier tahr)

The Two of Trees is a card of Choice. Having achieved one's goals with single-minded drive, it is now the time to look into what the future will hold, and to set yourself a new goal.
This cute wee bug is a plasterer bee.

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