Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Seldom seen, sometimes heard

Pipipi, the brown creeper
Related to the Whitehead and the yellpowhead, the brown creeper is the only one still frequently found in native forest of the South Island. Even there, it is declining in numbers. It forages fairly high up the trees, catching insects. Mostly the flock moves in silence, but will occasionally break into song. The name "Pipipi" comes from its distinctive call. It is an active fellow, often hanging upside down from its strong toes. Like its cousins, it also frequently acts as a "host" to cuckoo chicks.

You can purchase this piece for $20 via Trademe:

Some cuckoo pictures will come soon, I promise! We have two very distinct species.

The Pipipi here is pictured on Marbleleaf and is a larger version of an ATC I made some years ago. Here for comparison is the original:

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