Monday, May 11, 2009

What's my Style?

Well, if you've been following my art at all, you should know the answer to that question. But today we're having a bit of a change of pace.

I am currently engaging in a swap entitled "What's My Style?" in which we attempt to replicate another artist's style. I have chosen to use my personal lemur characters to replicate the style. These are my contributions to the first group:

Kristinized - I noted her bolder outlines, bright colours and mostly unshaded. Her characters have quite rounded features and she seems to like cupcakes. As does Ysabelle!

- did I overdo the swirliness? Like me, Adriayna has a very distinct style. No lemurs in this one - Adriayna rarely draws animals, except for special people (like me - I have a lemur from her).

- cartoonish critters with lively poses and bright colours, with monocolour backgrounds (and swirligigs). I wonder what Ysabelle is high-tailing away from this time? What mischief has she got into?

- gradients of colour, borders and bold outlines seem characteristic of Loralou's work - along with a more realistic take on the critters involved. It's Katta and Ysabelle, out for a stroll.

The other group is going to prove something more of a challenge. Several of the artists do not have such distinct identifying features to their art and it may require some research. Anyhow, I took on the most challenging second, and one of the easier ones first.

TotallyOzSome - looking at her art, what stands out is fairly soft, colours, with monocolour backgrounds. Some of her pieces feature spikey hair and she seems to like stripes and checks. Many of her pieces have black borders and a fairly whimsical, fanciful air. Thus Danyel with his (currently stringless, oops!) kabosy seemed to fit the bill.

Acacia.Rose- she was the hardest to actually pinpoint a style on. Many of her gallery pieces are either collage or fan art of pop culture. She does seem to have a tendency for fairly simplistic characters, usually placed upon a layered paper background. As this was the hand-drawn group, I decided to replicate a layered paper background in tombow markers. It isn't a particularly good rendition - but I hope she likes it. It's Astaria, my sweet-natured Avahi.

Three more to go for this swap - Luvloz, Crafty (aka Janet) and our lovely hostess, Katilady. But tomorrow I suspect musical instruments will be my show and tell as I also got them sketched up today.

I'm rustling through these trades, might soon be time to go on the prow once more for trade partners.

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