Monday, May 4, 2009

Birdhouses and a Bunny

Today I completed a mere two cards, despite it being my last day off work. Oh well, I also acheived some house keeping and got another of my "gifts" mostly done. I have been watching the episodes of "Lost" and "True Blood" I missed while I was away.

Firstly, the Rabbit Moon. This card is for the theme "The Moon" and is based on a Chinese legend. I'm not 100% happy with it yet, so may add a few more details before I send it away.

A monkey, otter, jackel and rabbit choose to offer charity on the Upposatha hoping that a demonstration of virtue will offer them great reward. They come upon an old man, begging for food. The otther gives him fish, the monkey fruit and the jackel pilfers milk curd and a lizard. However, the rabbit knows only how to gather grass and instead throws himself upon the old man's fire. He is not burnt to a crisp, however, but instead survives. For it turns out the old man is Sakra, and touched by the rabbit's virtue, draws an image of the rabbit on the moon for all to see.

And now onto the fun ones. The last two themes for me to complete, were "whimsical houses" and "Haunted houses". But I decided to do something a little bit different... Inspired by various websites selling certain merchandise, I designed these two cards:

Enjoy! I have one more card to work on for this PAT, with the theme "Nature Goddess" for our lovely hostess, Amerasu. And I had the quirky idea of basing the goddess on Amerasu herself. But I can't seem to find any photos or self-portraits. So if anyone knows or has any, can they let me know please?

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Lauren T said...

The houses are FANTASTIC. I like the story for the rabbit card too.