Saturday, May 30, 2009

Evolution of ability

Today I have finished the dragonfly inchies and whilst chatting on the phone to my mum (about an hour) sketched, coloured and completed a rather nice Titmouse illustration.

I then decided that my next book should be instead of an Avian ABC, merely an Avian collection as I have soooo many bird pieces I would like to include. This lead me to a hunt through my archives to look at my various illustrations from years gone by.

And by jove, I really have improved! The colours are messy and garish, the proportions less proportioned and the backgrounds far too cluttered for words. The best of the illustrations seem to be the portrait style pieces and the watercolours. So I thought I'd showcase some of my older, rubbishy pieces for you to laugh at.

Compare the owls, fantails and hoopoes!






My challenge to you (inspired by Sandra Willard's "I dare you..." concepts) is to display in your art blog a similar array of extracts since you started doing ATCs. OR re-draw the first ATC you ever did.

I'd be curious to see how everyone else's talents have evolved.


Christine said...

This is wonderful to see! I have the purple and green bird from 2007 :-)

Jenn Klee said...

Awesome idea for a post, I'll start looking through my files for my older cards.

Midnitecreations - Renu said...

You've definitely evolved, though your earlier pics are better than many I've seen now!! I'll have to dig through my older stuff. Love this idea.

Jenn Milt Art said...

very cool to see the evolution! ;)

(MyNameisJenn of AFA)